Bringing the Heavens to You

Courtesy of Learning Technologies, Inc.

The Loren Acton Starlab Planetarium is a portable, inflatable planetarium that gives an accurate representation of the night sky.  At the heart of a Starlab planetarium is a cylinder projector that displays the sky for any given day of the year, shows the motion of the stars and the Sun, and illustrates the constellations.  The 16' X 11' dome is capable of accommodating 40 children or 25 adults, and is most often set up in a gymnasium, large multi-purpose room, cafeteria, or auditorium stage. Each program lasts approximately 45 minutes and is customized to your audience's needs.  Starlab can be used by classes of every level, from primary school to Advanced Placement science.

Starlab is an ideal learning tool for

  • Teachers looking for a unique way to express astronomy concepts in an interactive setting.
  • Administrators who are seeking cost-effective methods of expanding curriculum.
  • Libraries and museums looking for an effective tool for community outreach.
  • Camps seeking fun and educational programs for kids.

Starlab Programs

  • Introduction to the Constellations
  • Ancient Astronomy and Mythology
  • The Motion of the Heavens
  • The Sky This Month
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Ocean Currents
  • Weather
  • The Adventures of Lewis and Clark

Site Physical Requirements

  • Close proximity to electrical outlets
  • Ceiling height greater than 11 feet
  • Floor space to accommodate a 25 ft. x 25 ft. structure

Starlab Program Costs

1 Program: $200.00
2 Programs: $250.00
3 Programs: $300.00
4 Programs: $350.00
All Day (6 hours): $550.00

Please call us at 815-858-2014 to schedule a presentation!